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One of the goals of Celtic Radio is to bring together a community of listeners and musicians that share a unique bond of culture and music. Our community events section contains an event calendar, chat rooms, member birthdays and more! All members and musicians are encouraged to post their local events to the calendar. Special chat rooms are available upon request. Watch this section for special community events!

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Proverbs of the Moment
Gaelic Proverbs come primarily from the western Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and they have a distinctly rural or agricultural flavor which reflects the society from which they were gathered. It is to be expected that many of them pertain to the weather, to the planting of crops, and to country life in general. Others reflect the Gaelic love of company and hospitality, fear of poverty and laziness.

Gaelic Proverb:
Trian a thig gun žarraidh eagal, iadach, is gaol.

English Translation:
Three things that come unsought Ė fear, jeolousy, and love.

Few countries have a greater number of proverbs than has Scotland. Even today, everyday speech in Scotland is sprinkled with them. Scots are wonderfully given to this way of speaking, and the lovely Scots tongue loses much of its flavor when forced to translate their unqiue language. Those that appear in English have been preserved that way for at least 200 years!

Scottish Proverb:
As lang lives the merry man as the sad.

Latest News

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

Posted on: 12-Nov-2018, 07:29 PM
Posted by: CelticRadio

user posted image


A new exhibition has opened at the British Library in London - "Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War." Billed as a "once in a generation exhibition," it promises to show off not only the exceptional collection in the British Library itself but also treasures now housed elsewhere - in England or further afield in Europe.

The premise of the show is the world of the Anglo-Saxons, a period of roughly 600 years, stretching from the early 5th century CE when Roman troops officially left the British Isles and groups of Germans began to move in, to about 1066 CE when Duke William of Normandy defeated King Harald II Godwinson and took the crown for himself.

Read more from Forbes.com

Did you know we speak German?

The West Germanic languages include the three most widely spoken Germanic languages: English with around 360-400 million native speakers; German, with over 100 million native speakers; and Dutch, with 24 million native speakers.

Never knew that English was actually German? Read more from Why English is a Germanic Language.

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Last comment by CelticRadio at 12-Nov-2018, 07:29 PM

Link of the Moment
Clan MacFarlane

The Official page of the Clan McFarlane Society

The MacFarlane homeland is located in
the Highlands at the heads of Loch Long
and Loch Lomond. For over five centuries
this area, the feudal barony of Arrochar,
was held by the chiefs of Clan MacFarlane
and before them by their ancestors the
barons of Arrochar. The family is Celtic
in the male line and native to their
beautiful Highland homeland of tall peaks
and deep lochs just above the waist of

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Game of the Moment - Magic Balls
Magic Balls - Match the colors and shoot the balls to keep them from destroying you.


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The Celtic Zodiac

The Reed, 10/28 - 11/24

The Druids believed the Reed to be a tree because of its dense system of roots. Cut reeds were used as pens and symbolized wisdom and scholarship. Identified with the submerged or hidden Dryad, the Reed was representative of the mysteries of death. It was associated with being both a saviour and a custodian as well as a symbol of royalty. It was used in the making of instruments such as flutes and pipes. Pan, the Greek God of Herds, Fertility and Male Sexuality (whose name is the root word of "panic"), is often depicted playing a syrinx...a pipe comprised of seven reeds. Traditionally a nomadic people, the Celts camped in one area throughout the Winter months and would break camp in the Spring when the first yellow blooms appeared on the Reed. The Reed was once believed to bring order out of chaos and legend holds that a Reed was thrust into Christ's hand when he was mockingly robed in purple. The Reed grows in silence, thin and slender, by watersides and marshlands, standing in clumps at the edge of rivers. It is representative of arrows that fly up into the unknown air to land at the very source of that which is being sought, symbolic of the direct approach required when confronting a dilemma...whether that dilemma comes from within or without. The Reed expressed the desire to search out basic truths and was also symbolic of music. Within many woodwind instruments, the Reed will create a balance. Even in today's world, the Reed is often used to thatch the roofs of houses, once being representative of the protection it offered to all of Nature's creatures, whether domes........ more

Read more about your Celtic Zodiac sign!

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