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September 2008 Newsletter

Inside This Issue

Inside This Issue

With Autumn just around the corner, there is no better time of the year for listening to Celtic music. And we have once again expanded our selection of music channels to include a brand new channel - called SaltyDog Radio - this channel focuses on traditional and folk music of old maritime sea faring songs. Think of climbing up the mast, sailing ships and navigating the oceans - a wonderful mix of songs that will certainly strike a chord with anyone that loves the mystic of sailing on the seven seas through the ages.

"I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by, And the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking, And a gray mist on the sea's face, and a gray dawn breaking."
- John Masefield "


Ronnie Drew

We were all sadden to hear about the passing of Irish music great 'Ronnie Drew' on August 16, 2008. In 1962, Ronnie founded the Ronnie Drew Group with Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke. They soon changed their name to The Dubliners, with John Sheahan joining shortly afterwards to form the definitive line-up. The rest is history.

As legendary songwriter Phil Coulter recently remarked, "Apart from his talents as a raconteur, performer, singer, apart from the fact he was truly an icon, Ronnie Drew was an old-school, gracious gentleman -- very well read, polite, caring, loyal, no bullshit. I loved that about him."

Ronnie Drew had qualities most people wouldn't realize, however his impact on Irish music was tremendous and we at Celtic Radio want to honor and thank Ronnie for all of the love and enjoyment he has given to everyone that loves Irish and Celtic music through the years. Thank you Ronnie!


In preparation for the witching season, we have updated our playlist on Celtic Moon to a special Autumn selection of haunting and mysterious melodies to accompany you throughout the month of October. Listeners of Highlander Radio can request the following tracks to enjoy this musical halloween treat:

Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club - Tam Lin
Loreena McKennitt - The Highwayman
Matt McGinn - The Dundee Ghost
Jeff Victor - Dance of the Dumfrieshire Dwarfs
Maggie Sansone - Mystic Dance: A Celtic Celebration
The Bringers - Celtic Circle Dance Cup Of Wonder

That's the update! Until next month, Slŕinte!


Hunting McLeod

"Leod n Proud"

When Celtic music combines with the energy of 5 individuals whose passion and fire ignite a presence that inspires a dance, you will find Hunting McLeod. These 5 gentlemen each bring a unique sound to the stage where the obvious dedication to music is ever-present. Splicing through the stereotypical Celtic sound, this group displays an amazing ability to put energy into its performance with an unsurpassable amount of fun-lovingness and truly capture the spirit of music in its rudimentary form. Music that inspires motion that brings smiles; music that consistently aches to be heard over and over again.

“Splicing through the stereotypical Celtic sound, this group displays an amazing ability to put energy into its performance with an unsurpassable amount of fun-lovingness"

Fiddles and Bagpipes represent a known sound to Celtic music. Add in electric guitar, bass and drums and you hear a blending of rock music that obviously impacted each members past. Energetic and charismatic, these Celtic Rockers know how to please an audience. While you clap your hands and tap your feet to the sounds of this amazing music, recognizable traditional classics are sung along to by audience members. Hunting McLeod has established itself as a group that can play, entertain and create their own music. Many of their songs are originals and the talent combination of all these gentlemen makes for a sound that is captivating and beautiful...

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Celtic Radio TIP: Live365 has released a major update to their Live365 Radio Player and it packs quite a punch. Loaded with great new features and sporting a beautiful audio black deck skin, Radio365 is your ticket to listening to all of our channels and beautiful CD quality stereo sound.

Access stations without visiting Live365, improved search, equalizer, thousands of commercial free stations, no sold-out stations, one click presets. We highly recommend this player for listening to our Live365 channels to include: Highlander Radio, Celtic Moon, Celt-Rock-Radio, BlueGrass Hills and SaltyDog Radio.

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September CD Contests



CD Contests

Our September 2008 CD contest features music from CeannKen O'Malley No Fixed Abode Songs from Roy Orbison Jennifer Johnson and  Jenneth Tollin.

To be eligible for the monthly Celtic Radio contests you must post at least one message in the Celtic Radio community forums. Or sign-up for a Celtic Radio Founder's account to be automatically entered each month!

Good Luck Members!



Harp of Dixie


The South is known for producing talented musicians and Deborah Brinson is no exception. With a lyric soprano voice and the strings of a folk harp, Deborah captures the passion and pathos that lies at the heart of Celtic music. Uniting the musical traditions of the Celts with that of her own Southern people, Deborah creates a special blend of music. Her unique repertoire and charming stage presence bring delight to audiences wherever she goes.

Deborah made her debut as a recording artist in spring 2007 with the release of Let Dixie Remember, a CD featuring Southern music for harp and voice. This was followed by an album featuring Irish music for harp and voice, entitled ErinSong, released in summer 2008.

"With a lyric soprano voice and the strings of a folk harp, Deborah captures the passion and pathos that lies at the heart of Celtic music..."

In addition to being a performer, Deborah is an arranger and songwriter. Writing harp accompaniments for all her vocal selections, Deborah seeks to maintain the character and authenticity of every song she sings. Inspired by the music she has come to love, she also composes her own melodies and lyrics in keeping with Celtic tradition.

Singing has been a passion for Deborah as long as she can remember and always seemed to come as natural as breathing. When singing as a young child, listeners often marveled at how such a big voice could come out of such a tiny girl. Deborah comments that while most vocal students have to learn how to bring out their voice, her difficulty was in learning how to control the soaring voice she had been blessed with...

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What's New?
As many of you know, we have been working very hard for the past year trying to perfect our email system. With the latest changes, we believe our system is now ready for the primetime. All email requests are now completely automated, meaning our system will take care of the setup of all new email accounts instantly.

And if you are a Celtic Radio Founder, there is now a "Reset Email" button in your control panel that will allow you to delete your current email account and set up a brand new email account under a different name or domain. This process is completely automated.

Currently we offer email accounts under 14 unique domain names. Our free email system is web-based. Our paid email system (through the Celtic Radio Founder's club) offers both web-based and POP3 email accounts with about 12 times the storage capacity. In addition, we have totally replaced our web-based POP3 email system with a brand new front end interface that is rich in new features.
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The Top Ten
Most requested songs for the past 30 days
Listen to the top ten count down on Highlander Radio. Visit our broadcast schedule for play times.

1. The Summer Walkers - Runrig
2. Glencoe - Charlie Zahm
3. England - Great Big Sea
4. Caledonia - Celtic Woman
5. Bonny Portmore - Loreena McKenni
6. Ireland's Call - Celtic Thunder
7. Song: The Broom of the Cowdenk - Cherish the Lad
8. United at War - Heather Dale
9. Mull River Shuffle [Live] - Rankin Family
10. The Rising of the Moon - Clancy Brothers



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September Featured Music

Paddy's Pig
"Maple and Wire"

Hunting McLeod
"Leod n Proud"

"Celtic Fire - Rapalje"

Celtic Thunder
"Act Two"

"For Love and Laughter"


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